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Welcome to the Jasper County, Illinois Genealogy web site.  My name is Linda (Kralman) Lambert.  Even though I live in Arizona now (about 50 miles northwest of Phoenix) and have been here since 1972, I was raised and educated in Teutopolis (in Effingham County, just west of Jasper County).  I first adopted the Jasper County ILGenWeb site in the spring of 1997 because my great-grandfather (William Lewis) was born in 1868 in Jasper County.  My second great-grandfather, George W. Lewis, was a Civil War veteran and is buried in Trexler/Toland cemetery in Jasper County. Circumstances forced me to give up the Jasper County site in 2000, but I re-adopted Jasper County in January, 2007 when it became available again.  I hope that the information contained in these pages helps you with your research.  (It's good to be back!)

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Jasper County NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to do lookups.  If you own or have access to any Jasper County reference books (such as census, cemetery, marriage, obituaries, newspaper abstracts, etc.) and would be willing to do lookups for other Jasper County researchers, then please contact me.

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Jasper County was formed in 1831 from Clay and Crawford counties and approved on December 19, 1834.  It was named after American Revolutionary War hero Sergeant William Jasper from South Carolina.  In 1776 (in the defense of Fort Moultrie in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina) when the staff of the American flag was shot away, Sgt. Jasper erected a temporary staff, and waved the flag at the British until a new staff could be erected.  He later was killled at Savannah in 1779.  He also saved American prisoners of war from certain death at the hands of British soldiers.

At the time Jasper County was formed, it was primarily an agricultural community, and it remains so today.  As of January, 1996 there were 772 farms (average farm size is 334 acres).  Crops are primarily corn, soybeans, and wheat. Other agricultural pursuits include beef cows, dairy cows and hogs/pigs.  Jasper County has an area of approximately 508 square miles, and its shape is almost square.

The average yearly temperature is 53 degrees; the warmest month is July; the coldest month is January.  Jasper County receives approximately 42" of rain per year and about 15" of snow each winter.  As of the 1990 census, the Jasper County population was 10,561.

Newton is the largest and oldest town in Jasper County.  Because it was located in the center of the county, it was named the county seat in 1835.  It was named after Sergeant Newton, who was also a defender of Fort Moultrie, South Carolina.  As of the 1990 census, the population of Newton was 3,141.  Other towns in Jasper County are Advance, Bogota, Boos, Brookville, Falmouth, Gila, Hidalgo, Hunt City, Island Grove, Latona, Lis, Plainfield, Point Pleasant, Rafetown**, Rose Hill, Ste. Marie, Shamrock, West Liberty, Wheeler, Willow Hill and Yale.  (If you know of any that I've missed, please let me know so that I can add them).

** Rafetown was originally known as Embarrasville.  It was then renamed for Dr. Jacob Raef.  Somehow in the 1960's, the spelling became "Rafetown".  On June 25, 2009, the US Board on Geographic Names officially approved the changing/spelling of the name to RAEFTOWN. 


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Good Stuff About Jasper County

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