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Welcome to the Jasper County, Illinois Queries 1997-1998 page.  Below are queries that have been submitted for Jasper County from 1997 to 1998


31 December 1998 - Sherry Byrns Wright

Surnames:  BYRNE, WILSON

I am looking for information on John Riley BYRNE born 1848 married to Martha Ann WILSON. Children: Christopher C. and Lawrence. They lived near Newtonand between 1883-1900 John Riley BYRNE was killed in an oil well accident. The children were living in Gibson County, Indiana working as farm laborers in the 1900 census, but I can't find out what happened to their mother Martha Ann (my great-great grandmother). Any information on any of these people would be appreciated.

31 December 1998 - Karma Frees

Surnames:  FINKLE, SMALL

I am looking for information on John Lowe SMALL. He lived in Newton in Jasper County when he was mustered out on June 11, 1864 to the Co. I 143rd Regiment during the Civil War. He married Cordelia FINKLE in either 1874-1875. He was born February 25, 1849 in Illinois (not sure what city). John and Cordilia had eight children. Cordelia was born August 10, 1854 in Michigan.

28 December 1998 - Ellen Meinhart

Surnames:  MAIER, MEYER

I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather Joseph MEYER (MAIER).  He was one of the 12 families that started Island Grove Parish in Jasper County.  He was born in 1830 and died in 1883. We are celebrating the Quesequentennial of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Island Grove in September of 1999 and we need more information on him to put into a book we are doing. His son John was born in New York and we are not sure when the family emmigrated from Germany to America. John's youngest child, Frank MEYER of rural Wheeler was my grandfather. Joseph is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery and his wife Agnes (Agatha) is buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Dieterich.  Her parents, Anthony (Anton) and Josephine Rietemann are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Please help me in my search and I will do the same for you.

22 December 1998 - Claudia Denton


I am looking for information on the family of William LAKE, born 1867, died 1940. He was a resident of South Muddy township, and was married to Mary DRAKE. They had the following children: John, Jessie, Hallie, Esther, Frances, Adolf, Glenn, Mildred, Jenny, Ruby, Agnes and Inez.  According to his death certificate, William was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, and his father was John LAKE (born in Virginia) and his mother's name was Margaret VORCE. Any help appreciated.

18 December 1998 - Maryann Carril

Surnames:  KNISS, RAIS, REIS

I am looking for any information on Laura RAIS or REIS. She was born about 1862 in Jasper County.  She was married to J. M. KNISS and died March 18, 1901. Laura and John KNISS has one daughter, Elsa KNISS (my great-grandmother) and three sons, Frank K. KNISS; Paul R. KNISS; and Noble KNISS. I am looking for info on Laura KNISS's parents names REIS or RAIS. I would also like to establish contact with any remaining family. Thank you.

28 November 1998 - Sandy Tessitore


Looking for a marriage between Rachel Jane BOOKER, WOLFE and a Mr. O'NEAL between 1863 and 1870. She was the daughter of Abraham and Rachel J. BOOKER of Jasper County (formerly of Sullivan County, Indiana)

23 November 1998 - Steve Dennehy

Surnames:  STEVENS

Looking for information on the STEVENS brothers: Stephen, Uriah and Harmon STEVENS, sons of Dr. Uriah Stevens from Leeds Co. Ontario to Kentucky to Vermillion, and Edgar Counties, Illinois in the 1830's.  Uriah and Harmon settled in Jasper County.  Stephen STEVENS married Elizabeth WHEELER in 1835 Bracken County, Kentucky and settled in Edgar County.  I am seeking descendants of Stephen and Elizabeth.

20 November 1998 - Alice Wade

Surnames:  COX, WADE, YODER

I am searching for information on Hiram WADE who is listed in the 1860 census of Jasper County, Jasper Township on page #666. Also, it is believed that maybe his sisters or daughters married a George COX and an Everett YODER.  Would like to find out his wife's name and the names of his children.

07 November 1998 - Brenda Manion


I am searching for marriage records in Jasper County of Emma SNETHEN, born about 1864 and her sister Ida May SNETHEN born about 1866.  Their mother was Mary Ann GRIFFITH SNETHEN. Mary Ann married William A. Williams on June 21, 1877 in Jasper County, Illinois. Mary's first husband and father of Emma and Ida May was John C. SNETHEN, born in Kentucky about 1828. John's son, James Bartlett SNETHEN, married 1884 in Jasper County to Ruth Ellen MILHAM. William A. WILLIAMS and Mary A. GRIFFITH were married in Jasper County June 21, 1877. Their children were: Lilburn Johnson, born April 14, 1878 in North Muddy, Jasper County; Ora Bell, born June 26, 1880 in Jasper County; Lena Lola, born July 7, 1882 in Coles County; John Wesley, born September 6, 1884; Oscar Ross, born March 24, 1886 in Arkansas or Missouri; and Mattie Daisy, born April 7, 1888 in Oakland, Coles County.

02 November 1998 - Debby Harris McGreehan

Surnames:  HARRIS

Please let me hear from you if you can help me out with Alderson HARRIS, Valentine HARRIS or Addison HARRIS. These were all on the Jasper County, Illinois census from time to time. I feel that they are all brothers or something since they were all born in Virginia and children born Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Thanks for helping.

31 October 1998 - John E. Donohew


My mother's grandfather, John ROE, a Union Army veteran, died April 6, 1881 at Latona in Jasper County, according to a pension application of his widow. I would like any information about him including the 1880 census, residence, and burial place.  He was born 1842 in Carter County, Kentucky. He may have been staying with relatives with surnames TABER, BROWN, OR GILBERT.

29 October 1998 - Claudia Denton


Looking for information about the LAKE family. William LAKE born 1867 in Frankfort, Kentucky died in 1940 in Jasper County, South Muddy Township. He married Mary DRAKE. Both are buried in McQueen Cemetery.  Information from his death certificate: His father was John LAKE from Viriginia and his mother was Margaret VORCE. William and Mary's children: Agnes, Inez, John, Jessie, Hallie, Esther, Frances, Adolf (Pete), Glenn, Mildred, Jenny and Ruby.

27 October 1998 - June Loving

Surnames:  LOVING

My father, William E. Loving, came from Greenup. His father, A. R. Loving, was a minister in the area and my great grandfather Reuben E. Loving, Jr., arrived in the area about 1840. I have been unable to go back any further, although I do have some thoughts. A Reuben E. Loving, born about 1800 probably in Kentucky who went as a youngster to Monroe County, Indiana.  It is reported that he then went to Illinois, although I have not been able to track him down. He would be my great-great grandfather.

17 October 1998 - Julie (Craig) Wallace


We are looking for descendants of and ancestors of Elis CRAIG who was married to Elizabeth. They had a child names Thomas CRAIG born in Virginia. Thomas married Almira FORD on October 9, 1828. Their child was Moses CRAIG, born 1832, Hardin County, Kentucky, who died in Jasper County, Illinois. There was also a Moses CRAIG born in 1833, a year after the first one. Moses married Elizabeth THOMAS born February 18, 1863. Their child was William Andrew CRAIG born February 30, 1865 in Jasper County, and died April 5, 1927 in Toledo, Illinois. William married Mary Elisabeth REYNOLDS November 20, 1985. Their children were Ralph, Edgar, Guy, Delmar, Laurel, Roy, Orville, May, Helen & Wilma. Ralph CRAIG was my grandfather. He married Calie Loera CALHOUN. Their children are Marvin of Mattoon, Maurice of Mattoon, Betty (deceased), Charles (deceased), and Richard (my father - deceased).  If anyone has any knowledge of any of these people, we would love to hear from you.

15 October 1998 - Teresa Everhart


I am looking for the birth record for Sarah RINEHART born January 30, 1870 and information for her parents Lewis RINEHART born 1843 and Harriettt WILLIAMS born 1841.

14 October 1998 - Michele Valkenaar


I am seeking information on the LAMOTTE family of Newton and St. Marie.  Chahrles LAMOTTE born 1826 in Lorraine, France and wife, Josephine LA CLAIR born 1834 in France. They settled in Jasper  County between 1860 and 1870.  They died in 1901 and 1904, respectively and are buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery at Newton, IL.  They attended St. Thomas Catholic Church.  Their children were Mary, born November 1854 in Ohio, who married Joseph KAUFMAN in Jasper County in 1875; Alfred, born May 1857 who married (1) Margaret MEHGER about 1883 and (2) Herma Ona BUTLER about 1898 in Texas; Elix F., born about 1859 in Ohio, married Mary (unknown) about 1885 and died 1897; Mathilda, born about 1869 in Illinois, married Charles LITZELMANN about 1888; and Charles, Jr. born August 1869 in Illinois, married Mary Emily Litzelmann in September 1891. Any information which would help me track down descendants of any of the five children or which would identify any relations of Charles or Josephine who also live in the area would be greatly appreciated.

13 October 1998 - Eldonna Deaver


I am looking for information regarding Reuben Washington DEAVER who married Lydia HEADY in Bogota, Jasper County, Illinois in 1885. At least one of their children, R. Wiley DEAVER was born there. Any information on the parents or children would be appreciated.

08 October 1998 - Carla Haberman


I am interested in any information on the following persons: Mary HAYES married Dr. John H. MAXWELL. Their son, Edward Harrel MAXWELL lived in Newton, in Jasper County, in 1883. He married Stella KREBS. Together, they had two daughters, Helen Lenora MAXWELL (born 1896) and Mildred MAXWELL (born 1898).

07 October 1998 - Cindi Eberle


I am looking for information about my third great-grandfather John MCMULLEN, born about 1825-1835 and his wife Luvinia COOPER who once lived in Jasper County, Illinois. They had nine children, one son was named Francis Marion MCMULLEN who was born in 1853 in Jasper County, Illinois. They moved the family to Pike County, Illinois before Francis was eleven. John MCMULLEN died before 1863 and Luvinia remarried to John MARTIN in Pike County.

05 October 1998 - Susan Norman


I am looking for information on the parents of Mae SUTTON, who was born in Jasper County, Illinois in the early 1870's. She married JohnAbraham GAMBILL who was born in Tomalco, Illinois and they had a daughter, Anna Alma GAMBILL who was born in Jasper County on 7-29-1899.  Anna married Eugene SPILLER and lived in the Chicagoland area.  She worked at the Pullman Car Works, as did her husband and father. Her father's employment papers say that a nephew, E. SUTTON also worked at the Pullman Works. Since there is a nephew with the last name SUTTON, I assume that Mae had at least one brother. Anyone out there with any information on this family?  I am more than willing to share what information I have.

04 October 1998 - Brenda Roland

Surname:  MULLIS

I am researching the MULLIS family. My great-grandmother Rose Josephine MULLIS was born September 5, 1876 in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois. Her parents were John Elisha and D. E. MULLIS. I don't know her mother's name only her initials that I copied from a 1910 census record in Oregon  County, Missouri. Her sisters were: Elizabeth born 2-15-1879; Laural born 1872; Christine (birth date unknown); Liddy born 1867, and Myrtle born 1890.  Her brothers were John Elisha born 1875; and Thomas Buralp; Jodi Emond


I'm searching for Henry Albert BUNTIN, born in Advance, (Jasper County) IL around 1850-1870. He later moved to Indiana, then Missouri.  Married an Elisa Jane Canaday from Indiana.

20 March 1998 Jan Monahon-Smith


I am looking for information on Floyd MONAHON, born around 1890 and Nellie Mary CHESNUT, born around 1891. They were my grandparents. They had 2 children: Florica, born around 1910, and Gordon (my dad) born February 21, 1913 in Jasper County. I have also found pictures with the names William and Fanny GROVE.  They were someone's grandparents, but I don't know which family member. Another picture is of 4 children with the caption KISTNER cousins. Any help with any of this would be appreciated.

20 March 1998 Jan Berg

Surnames:  BOYD, JAY

I'm searching any information on the JAY family.  My ancestor Lot B. JAY, born December 31,1845 in Darke County, Ohio  married Mary BOYD.  They moved into the Jasper County area about 1861. He died May 8, 1909 in Hunt City Township, Jasper County. He is buried in Mount Cemetery at Willow Hill.  His children are as follows:  Sarah b. 1872, Charley b. 1874, Ralph b. 1878, Henry b. 1880, Arthur b. 1884, George b. 1886, Bertha b. 1886, and Maude b. 1892. I would like directions on how to find this cemetery.

20 March 1998 -   Keri McKenzie


Lottie WOODARD, born 6-12-1882, birth place unknown. Father: Joseph R. WOODARD. Mother: Unknown KING. Lottie came to Newton, IL about 1886  after her mother and siblings died. She was raised by her aunt,  John (sic) Love WOODARD LEWIS, who ran a hotel "on the north side of the square at Newton". Lottie became the organist/pianist at "the little brick Christian Church (Newlite) in Newton about. 1902. She was my great-grandmother, and I am interested in any information about her, especially her mother's given name.

15 March 1998 -   Janet Sue Milam


Joseph Patrick McGOVERN (1852-1917) lived  and died in Jasper County.  Buried in Mound Cemetery.  Married Ruth NEWLIN 1875 in Crawford County, IL.  Children:  Henry A., Everett, Nellie May, Fannie, Flora Belle, Clark, Grace, Luther, and Charles. Lived in Willow Hill area.  Would like more info on Nellie's siblings.

14 March 1998 -   Sandra Firek


I am looking for information on the above families. I am very interested in St. Marie Catholic Church and School. My great-grandfather Anthony WEBER was brought to Ste. Marie by priests about 1870.  He had one brother, they were from Northeast France. They were orphans.  I don't know if they had relatives or if they were family, or if there was a boys' home there? Can anyone help me??  Anthony WEBER married Mary Ellen SHELLY about 1890. They are my great-grandparents.

12 March 1998 -   Debby Harris McGreehan


Looking for any and all info on the LEWIS family in and around Jasper County, IL in 1850 and later. The Adam Christopher and Nancy (RIGDON) LEWIS family came from Rush County, IN.  Three months after they were enumerated in Rush County, IN in 1850 they were enumerated in Jasper County,  IL in 1850.  I believe several of the family came to Jasper County. I  would like any information on Thomas P. and Nancy (DRISCOLL) LEWIS. Thomas was the father of A.C. LEWIS.

06 March 1998 -   Terrie Cooper-Piper


Looking for any information on the surname "KISTNER." Below is the information I have: Valentine KISTNER born abt. 1815-1820 in Prussia. Married Mary Ann BANGERT born abt 1832 in Prussia. Children: John; Margaret; Sophronia born 1863; Anna born 1865; Christina born 1868; and Rosina born 1870. My great-grandfather  was George Joseph KISTNER born February 22, 1873 in   in Jasper County (possibly a Henry KISTNER born in 1861??) a Henry Kistner B: 1861(?)

20 February 1998 Beverly Feltner


I am looking for information on A. J. BERRY who married Sarah YORK and had a daughter named Margaret Ann about 1844 in Jasper County.  A. J. BERRY died about 1879. Sarah was born June 22, 1823 in Randolph County, North Carolina and died September 22, 1910.

16 February 1998 - Vickie Gorby


I am looking for the father of William SUTTON who resided in Jasper County, Illinois during the 1850's on. He married Catherine LINES in 1847 in Rush County, Indiana then they migrated to Illinois. Please contact me if you know William's father.  Thank you.

12 February 1998 - Betty Southard


Anyone with any information about the above surnames please contact me.  I will be happy to share any information that I have with you as well.  I truly appreciate any and all information.  Thank you so much.

9 February 1998 - Rhonda Andresini


I am searching for information on the Jacob and Mary COX family. Mary's maiden name was HAMILTON and she was born and died in Jasper County, dates unknown. Jacob was born in Madison County, Ill. and died in Jasper County at age 35. One son, Abraham, was  born 1858 in Sullivan County Indiana. Abraham lived in Jasper County from 1860 until about 1872, then moved back to Indiana. Other children may be Lyman, John, and Isaac.

9 February 1998 - Nora Probasco

Surname:  PROBASCO

I am interested in PROBASCO surname information, family trees and research. I am starting a central PROBASCO database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line. The PROBASCO name has been in Jasper County since the early 1900's.

8 February 1998 - V. Frazier

Surname:  FRAZIER

Looking for information on FRAZIER.  Also, who takes care of the Diel Cemetery?  Thank you.

8 February 1998 - Richard Coleman Witters


Looking for information on WITTER/WITTERS, BOND from Jasper, Marion, Hamilton and Wayne counties.  Sameul WITTER, James WITTER, John Kella WITTER and Lapsley H. WITTER.  Willing to trade information.

7 February 1998 - Lois Ketner Angel

Surname:  KETNER

I am looking for the surname of KETNER.  I know that a family with that name lived in Jasper County about 1880/90. I have no other information.

22 December 1997 - Jennifer Bawden


I'm looking for any information on the families of George M. PHELPS and/or Sarah WILLIS.  George moved to Jasper County with his family about 1851.  He married Sarah in 1862.  They had two daughters, Minnie born 1866 and Viola born 1868.  They later moved to Audubon County, Iowa.  If you can help out in any way, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

20 December 1997 - Cathy Babbs

Surnames:  BABBS

Found some BABBS in census as below.  Can any one help me with this line? Jasper County Census, Wade Twp, IL 1900 - found these BABBS that look like some connection: Wade Twp #384 Dwelling #290 Family BABBS, Herman age 30 b. Dec 1869  b. IL  both parents b. IN Eliza  age 29, b. Feb 1871  b. IL Frankie  dau  6yr b. Feb 94r Melvin  1 yr  b. June 1898  b. IL James (uncle) b. Nov 1820  age 79 b. IN  Both parents b. OH

13 December 1997 - Barbara Clayton


My great grandmother was Bertha STOUT, born August 15, 1882 in Jasper County, Il. She was the daughter of Daniel and Fannie KINGERY STOUT. Daniel's parents were John and Rachael SAYERS STOUT Looking for any information on the birthplace of John STOUT. I know that Daniel STOUT was born in Virginia on May 12, 1859. Don't know the county in Virginia however. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thank you!

12 December 1997 - Donna VanZandt

Surnames:  MOCK, SISSEL

John and Mary SISSEL MOCK moved to Jasper County 1870-1880.  Mary died 1872-1880. Where are they buried?  They were married 1854 in Edgar County and appear on the 1860 and 1870 Effingham County census. John appears on the 1880 census with five children. Thank you for any help.

12 December 1997 - Dwight Vidito


Seeking information on Joel WILLIAMS born1823 in Casey County, Kentucky. Came to Clark County, Illinois in 1827 with his parents, Samuel & Lititia [MASON]WILLIAMS. Clark County History states that Joel resided in Jasper County, Illinois when the history was written prior to 1900.

05 December 1997 - Kathy DeMunbrun 


I am interested in any information on Ryland Berry.  He was born in 1901 in Jasper County, Ill.  He was placed for adoption at the Home for the Friendless.  His name was changed to Charles O. Plummer.  His place of birth was listed as Round Irish Grove.  Only child of Charles Plummer looking for any cousins or family.  Please reply if you have any information.

01 December 1997 - Janet Lynn-Smart


Looking for parents and relatives of John R. CHESNUT who married Sarah M.E. LANCASTER in Jasper County, IL on December 24, 1867.  They were living in Grayson County, Texas in 1880.  According to census records, John was born in January, 1844 inNorth Carolina.  Sarah was born January, 1847 in Indiana, and her parents were both born in Kentucky.  Sarah is sometimes referred to as "Lizzie".  Any help appreciated.

27 November 1997 - Janet Sue Milam


My father Barney Clarence MILAM and 4 brothers and a sister were born in Jasper County from 1896 through 1907 to George W. MILAM and Dora Alice DOWNEY.  Martha CURRY MILAM MILNER came to Jasper County from Indiana. Her MILNER sons were James and Benjamin.  Her MILAM sons were Joseph, John Perry, and George W.  Would like to learn more about her marriages to Lee MILAM and John W. MILNER.  She died 10 Apr. 1927.  Will exchange information.

03 November 1997 - Kim Torp


Interested in any information on the HICKS family and related lines in Jasper County. Ellis HICKS (wife Mary -maiden name unknown) came to Jasper County c. 1851-52 with his family. 1820 in WV; 1824 in Bracken County, KY; 1842 in Coles County, IL.  Big mysteries are Ellis and Mary's parents' names and origins. Ellis's kids: Lucinda (b. 1818 d. ?) m. Elston WRIGHT (b. 1821 d.?) Hugh (b. 1822 d. ?) Elizabeth (b. 1823 d.1901) m. Ellis HINTON (b. 1813 d. 1877) William (b. 1824 d. ?) was deaf & dumb Hanna (b. 1825 d.?) m. ? (Slingsby?) LINTHICUM; Sarah (b. 1827 d.1855) m.William THOMPSON (b.1825 d.1871-79) Malvina (b. 1832 d. ?) m. George HENSLEY (b. 1810 d. ?) Ellis, Jr. (b. 1835 d.1912) m. Mary WILSON (b. 1836 d. 1917) Emeline (b. 1836 d. 1921) m. Willis HINTON (b. 1833 d.1915). Any information anybody wants to share on any of these lines would be appreciated. Thanks!!

27 October 1997 - Donna Sears Chernick


Looking for any data on Isaac SEARS/SCEARS who was found on the 1840 Federal Census. He was listed as: 1 mail, age 20-30 and 1 female, age 20-30. 1 available for the military. He was born 1811 or 1817 somewherein Kentucky. Possibly married in 1840(?). On February 18, 1845, he married Hetty (or Hester) Ann NEIGHBORS BELL, widow of John BELL, with a son and daughter. By 1850 census, this family was in the south-central part of Cumberland County. James SEARS was also listed on the 1840 Federal Census for Jasper County.

25 October 1997 - Nancy Edersheim

Surnames:  WILLISON

I'm looking for information about the WILLISON surname; mainly Lorenns Porter WILLISON or Porter Lorenns WILLISON as he went by both names.  He also had a wife Sarah WILLISON.  Possibly the second wifes name was Lutecia WILLISON.  Lutecia lived in the Jewett area in 1911.Any information would really be appreciated.  I have been trying to locate this man's parents' names for quite some time. Thanks.

20 October 1997 - Harold M. Field


I have recently purchased the home of Harry and Portia LAMBERT located 1 mile south of Gila. I would like to know the exact age of this house.  Portia LAMBERT's maiden name was KIBLER and I think that her father was George KIBLER. Would like to find out more about George KIBLER. I am also doing research on the GOEBEL family from the Island Grove area. Any information would help and I will be glad to share. Thank you.

19 October 1997 - Pansy Limes + Home Page


I'm interested in information about Hulda and Phillip CLARK who died in Jasper County.  Hulda died on Dec. 11, 1907 and Phillip died on May 22, 1896. Also interested in their daughter, Drusilla Clark who married Stephen WARD. Need to know more about John and Mary (Molly) WARD YINGST from 1900 Jasper Census in Crooked Creek.  What were their parents' names, both were from Pennsylvania. The only child I know of is John Wesley YINGST and his wife, Mary ZIMMERMAN,  and their  James YINGST. I'm looking for information on my great-grandparents, James Henry SHUP who was married to Florence STINGER.  My great-great-grandparents were John Wesley SHUP and Mary Elizabeth MORRIS.  Her parents were Diantha SLACK and Jesse (Jessie) STINGER. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

18 October 1997 - Jim Peters


I am looking for  Charles PETERS who married Martha Jane MILLER. Most of their children moved to Arkansas. Also any descendants of Isaac or Silas MATHENY, William H. MILLER, Indiann SNIDER, John SNIDER and Mahalia COX. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

13 October 1997 - Rod Pennington


Seeking info on the following family: Adam HOLM (born about 1817 Ohio, died after 1860 Jasper County, IL) married Marianna WAGNER.  Children: Katherine (born about 1842); Jeremiah (born about 1844, served 38th IL Infantry); Sarah Jane (born 1845, married 1865 to William W. RICHARDS, died 1931 Stillwater, OK); Uriah (born about 1848); Lucinda (born about 1850); Nancy (born about 1856); Esther (born about 1858);  John (born about 1859). My line is that of Sarah Jane who married William W. RICHARDS whose parents I have been unable to locate.  William W. and Sarah Jane RICHARDS were in Jasper County (presumably near Newton), Illinois until the mid-1870s when they moved to KS.  Later they moved to Tulsa, Indian Territory. Any RICHARDS or HOLM researchers out there?

11 October 1997 - Troy Schmidt


George W. HUFFMAN married Dorcas H. DOWEL 9 Feb 1865 at Newton Courthouse, Jasper County, Illinois. George was born about 1840 in Ohio; died February 22, 1903.  Dorcas was born August 10, 1848 in Illinois; died February 25, 1881.  Daughter Alice Naomi HUFFMAN was born December 2, 1965 in Jasper County; married Edward E. MILLS in 1881 (see below).  She died May 24, 1941 in Robinson, Crawford County, IL.

Also researching Edward Everett MILLS (son of Benjamin P. MILLS and Elizabeth SHOCKLEY) born March 8, 1861 at Milan, Ripley County, Indiana; died May 27, 1947 at Robinson, Crawford County, IL.  He married Alice Naomi HUFFMAN (daughter of George and Dorcas (above).  Their children were Bessie, Walter, George L., John, Edward, Thomas, Goldie, and Harry.

Looking for other descendants to share information with.

09 October 1997 - Gwyn Beltran


Looking for where James McGarvey (born 1810 in Ireland) is buried. He is not in the Jasper County records, even though he died in 1949 according to the probate records at Newton.  His wife was Clarisa Broduis. He owned property in Crooked Creek, Jasper County.

06 October 1997 - Starlene Oary


Looking for information on the families of Adam and Mary SHOOK OURY.  They were married 1829 in Knox County, Ohio.  Their children were James, Lucina, George, Catharine, William, S. Arminta, and John.  They moved to Jasper County in 1842. We think they passed away between 1847-1854. This is when the last of the land was sold with all the children's signatures.


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