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I recently went to a seminar and learned a lot about land searches, migration of ancestors, etc.  I remember one phrase:  "Your people may have moved, but their land didn't."  He suggested making a "time line" for the county you are researching, because even though the land didn't move, the county boundaries certainly did.  So.....I worked up a time line for Jasper County, and was I ever surprised.  I was looking in wrong places!!!!  So to share with all of you, here is the time line I worked up for Jasper County.    (Linda)

                     Year          Effingham County
1673 France
1763 Great Britain
1774 Quebec (Canada)
1787 Virginia, Illinois County 
1790 Northwest Territory, Knox County
1801 Indiana Territory, St. Clair County
1803 The Southwest Corner was in Randolph County; the rest was in St. Clair County
1809 Split diagonally SW to NE
NW = St. Clair County
SE = Randolph County
1812 Illinois Territory, Madison County
1815 Illinois Territory, Edwards County
1816 Illinois Territory, Crawford County
1818 Statehood (still a part of Crawford County)
1831 to present Jasper County

Jasper County Historical Events
March 3, 1903
Kinsel Coal Mine cave-in (southeast of Newton)
May 13, 1943
Truckload of liquid nitroglycerin exploded on the bridge on Route 33 east of Newton.  Charles Gibson, driver, killed.

Jasper County Loses Its Oldest Resident

 Obituary from Mattoon, Illinois Daily Journal-Gazette
 December 4, 1912
 (submitted by Linda Lang.  Thanks, Linda!!!)

Newton, Ill., Dec. 4, 1912 -- Joseph PICQUET, perhaps the oldest citizen of Jasper county, and certainly longer a resident therein than any one else now living, died at the family home in Ste Marie last Saturday morning, aged ninety-six years, eight months and thirteen days.

Mr. PICQUET was born in Hagauenau, Alsace, France, now Germany, on March 17, 1816 and came to America in young manhood as the advance representative of a number of relatives and neighbors who desired to locate in the then frontier west. He traveled through various parts of the United States after landing in New York, on on seeing the country in and a round Ste. Marie, was so favorably impressed that he returned to France, reported his opinions and investigations, was commissioned to act, came back to America and on October 12, 1837, at Palestine, entered a claim to purchase and patent 10,700 acres of land, the same being granted and made to include the village that he founded and where practically all his active, useful and honorable life was passed.  (Printed 4 Dec 1912, Wednesday, in the Daily Journal-Gazette, Mattoon, IL)


These towns are "gone"....

    Island Creek
    Point Pleasant


Medical Terms - Then and Now


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