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12 January 2013 - Alan White


I am looking for information on my wife's grandmother, Oretha FOSTER, born 22 August 1904 in Jasper County and who died before 28 November 1942 (her father's obituary date).  Her sons, Warren (my wife's father and Elmer Isenburg were raised by their aunt and uncle in Jasper County  I know the history of the parents of Oretha (William FOSTER) and Henrietta CRAIL, but I haven't been able to locate any records of Oretha's death or burial. I don't know her history or why she was separated from her children and husband. I have some photos of Oretha and her sisters that you can view on Ancestry at the Alan D. White family tree.  Any help would be appreciated.

05 January 2011 - Alice C. L. Chapman


I am looking for proof of parents (obituary, death record, etc.) for Uriah STEVENS who died February 21, 1849. His wife was Mariana GILBERT who died on May 26, 1870. They are my 3rd Great Grandparents.

I am also looking for proof of parents for Strawther SKELTON who died June 23, 1877.  His wife was Catherine MAGGART SOUR who died August 12, 1872. They are my 2nd
Great Grandparents.

All four of these people died in and are buried in Jasper County, Illinois

13 December 2010 - Donna Rice

Surname:   LANDES

My husband purchased an antique walking stick.  The gold top is engraved "Hon. S. Z. Landes".  It is a presentation cane. Also engraved on it is "From the boys of EV and C Dec. 3, 1886".  I Googled that and came up with some interesting information.  This from the Newton Press in Jasper County Illinois on December 30, 1885:  "Hon. S. Z. Landes is home during the holidays from Washington". (Was he home in Jasper County?) He was a Supreme Court Judge in Illinois (or was a Judge of Clay County District Court) and presided over the circuit court appeal in the case of Butler v Butler, May 1896.

He lived in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. He served in the House of Representatives when Grover Cleveland was President. This from the National Tribune in Washington, D.C. on June 3, 1886: "Hon. S. Z. Landes of the 16th HI District, who is serving his first term in Congress was renominated by acclamation by the Democratic....".

I'm looking for more information on Judge LANDES and/or "the boys of EV and C". It is possible that they might have been from an orphanage/boys' home.

13 December 2010 - Carolyn J. McMillian


I am looking for the parents of William Hugh SCOTT. He was born on December 10, 1836, in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois.  He died in 1925 in Camden County, Missouri.  He said when he was a little boy, he lived with an old lady (could be a grandmother or an aunt).  He married Lucy DAVIDSON in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois in 1872.  They had three children in Jasper County, then they moved to Missouri where they had 1 or 2 more children.  Lucy died and he married again, to Minerva Vaughn and had several children from his second marriage.

12 December 2010 - Jean Steward Friend


I am searching for the STEWART and COOPER family of Jasper County, Illinois in the 1800's and 1900's.  Any information would be appreciated.

26 November 2010 - Sara Rutledge


I am trying to track down a grand aunt named Elizabeth (Lettie) RUTLEDGE BRYAN.  She was born in Georgia around 1877. She also lived in Connecticut and New York.  I believe she may have married and died in Jasper County. Do you have any information concerning her?

15 November 2010 - Jack Prather


Looking for information about the ancestors of Strawther Seymore SKELTON (1826-6/23/1877).  He was my great-great-grandfather. His 8th child, Sarah (11/26/1863-10/7/1957) was my great-grandmother. I have seen her grave in Newton, but not his.  One record shows that Strawther was born in Virginia and had a brother, Morgan. Also he married Catharine MAGGART (1825-8/12/1872) who also died in Newton.

04 September 2010 - Mary A. Burrows


Looking for information about Charles w. KISER who lived in Newton and Wade Jasper County. He was a jeweler. His wife was Miriam FRAZIER.  In 1930
he was living in Newton with Ferne ALCORN and her daughter Florine LCORN. Ferne was listed as his neice.

12 September 2010 - Bettye Heinrich


Would like to share information with researchers of the HAYS families that came from Logan County, Ohio to Jasper County, Illinois between 1840 and 1855.

02 September 2010 - Beverly Funke


Looking for the death date and burial site of Emma (WARFEL) MCCONAHA, who was born approximately 1877. She married Anthony MCCONAHA on July 16, 1895 in Jasper County, Illinois.  It is possible she is buried in the town of Rose Hill.  They were in North Muddy Township in 1880 and in Crooked Creek Township in 1900. They are purpoted to have lived both in Newton and Rose Hill. I recently received a photo of the WARFEL, KINGST and MCCONAHA families. It was taken about 1912, location unknown. In it is Grandpa John D. and Grandma Fianna WARFEL along with Emma MCCONAHA and children.

09 July 2010 - Karen Kasuba


My grandfather Virgial BYRD was born July 1900.  He is the son of George F. BYRD and Flora LEFLER, all of Jasper County, Illinois.  They had three children: Virgil Andrew, Belle and Douglas BYRD.  The only thing I know of my great-grandparents are their names. I was able to trace George F. BYRD back to an Andrew Jackson BYRD and Isabelle CHAPMAN.   I further traced Andrew Jackson back to John BYRD and Amanda BROOKS, all of Jasper County, Illinois.  John BYRD does not list his parents only that  he was born in Virginia on February 7, 1821.  Any information would be appreciated.

15 June 2010 - Greg Walker


I am trying to find information on Henry Gardewein
(may be spelled Garderwine-Gordewein), born in 1810 and died in 1875.  He appears on the 1850 census in Jasper County, Illinois with his wife Catherine SCHOENHOFF, born in 1808 and died in 1854.  They had five children: Joseph, born in 1844; Bernhard, born in 1845; and John, born 1850. This is based on the census. The other two children are George and Mary who lived to adulthood.  All were baptized at St. Mary of The Assumption Church in St. Marie, Illinois. I have those records.  Mary (who lived to adulthood) indicated that Joseph, Bernhard and John died early, as well as her mother.  Joseph and Bernhard appear on the 1860 census in Jasper County. John does not. I would like to locate their place(s) of burial. It appears also that Catherine died around 1854 since Henry re-married in 1854 to Eliz Jane SHERIDAN in Jasper County. I have that marriage record. I have never found any trace of Joseph, Bernhard or John or their mother Catherine.  I assume they were Catholic since they attended the St. Mary of the Assumption.  Henry died in 1875 in Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois.  His second wife Eliz Jane died 1906- She is buried in St. Francis Cemetery in Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois but he is not. I have been unable to locate his burial place.   I would be happy to pay for the service.

28 April 2010 - Linda Clark


My GG Grandpa, Lewis (Louis) GIBSON born in 1836 in Indiana married Mary BAILEY, born in 1849.  They married in Effingham, Illinois on June 17, 1866.  They had my G Grandpa, Hiram GIBSON born 1876 in Illinois who married Sarah Angeline WILLIAMS born in 1877 in Illinois. Hiram and Sarah had my grandpa, William (Bill) GIBSON, born 1903 in Latona, Illinois.  I know the GIBSONS lived in the cities of Effingham, Mattoon, and Olney, but stayed mainly in the Jasper County area. I know very little about Mary BAILEY and nothing about her parents (names, places, etc.)  They would be my GGG Grandparents.

I'd be glad to share what I know about the GIBSONS.

30 March 2010 - Barbara Johnson


My great grandfather was John Franklin BAKER, known as “Dink”.  He was born On January 3, 1873 in Clark County, Illinois. He died on June 5, 1956 in Newton, Jasper County,  Illinois. He married Dora Lee MURPHY on December 22, 1894 in Jasper County, Illinois. I am looking for information on his father Walter M. BAKER who was born March 01, 1845, in Cumberland County, Illinois.  He died on May 24, 1869 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Walter married Mary Ann SWIM on September 06, 1863 in Hazel Dill, Cumberland Illinois.  Their children were John Franklin Baker, born January 03, 1873;  Eliza, born about 1864; William, born about 1869; and Walter, born about 1870. This is all the information I have.  Any information anyone has on this family would be greatly appreciated.

27 March 2010 - Pamela Wilkerson

Surname:   WILKERSON

I am trying to locate the WILKERSON family buried in Dark Bend.  Charles WILKERSON was born there, but his burial place is unknown.  I was wondering if the census will show Charles L. WILKERSON living there as a child.  He was the only child in his family.  His parents possibly died when he was very young.  I would like a photograph of Charles' grave.

23 March 2010 - James Wilson

Surname:   WILSON

I am interested in finding out more information on my family. I know my grandfather was a sitting Judge in Jasper County in the 1930's or 1940's and went by the name of Dale Wilson, but there is a lot of confusion about that. We are unsure if that was his middle name or first name, some documents list him as E. Dale WILSON or Dale E. WILSON. My grandmother whose name I do not know right off hand was a school teacher.

22 March 2010 - Terry E. Jones

Surname:   JONES

I am looking for information on my dad John D. JONES and his father Ky JONES who was sheriff of Jasper County in the 1930's.  I was hoping to find information about my dad's high school career in football, basketball and track.  My dad died in 1970.

22 March 2010 - J. Dee Fisher

Surname:   MORRIS

I am seeking information about my grandfather, Clinton MORRIS, born September 13, 1874 to James and Ora Jane MORRIS in Hidalgo, Jasper County Illinois.  He homesteaded in Oklahoma in the early 1900's and died in Lipscomb County, Texas in the early 1940's.

19 March 2010 - Sharon R. Skelton


George REINHART=RHINEHART=RINEHART, born August 31, 1831 in Neubrunn, Bavaria, Germany, married Maria HOFFMAN in Haubstadt, Indiana on May 6, 1856. They moved to Clay County, Illinois around 1860-1880 and then possibly to Newton or Denver, Jasper County, Illinois.  What is the date of death and where is he buried? Possibly Holy Cross Cemetery or St. Wendel Cemetery.

George Ambrose REINHART=RHINEHART=RINEHART, born Decmeber 07, 1847 in Gibson County Indiana, married Christine MENY October 22, 1872 in Haubstadt, Gibson County, Indiana at St. James Catholic Church. They moved to Clay County, Illinois with his uncle (see above).  I found some information on a member-submitted ancestry.com that stated he was buried in Riverside Cemetery in Jasper County but I cannot verify that. When did he die and where is he buried?

14 March 2010 - Shelly Short


I am a decendant of William Otis MILLER, who was my great-great grandfather.  It is my understanding that he was killed during a 4th of July, 1925 celebration, lighting fireworks.  I can not find an obituary. Does any one have any information on this family or this obituary?  I would greatly appreciate it.

04 March 2010 - Bryan Braun


I am looking for information on the BROWN line associated with Eli Henry BROWN and Margaret LEMAY who were married in Jasper County on July 23, 1871.  Based on the 1860 Census, I belive that Eli's parents were Andrew Jackson BROWN and Elizabeth (SMITH), both of whom I believe were born in Pennslyvania in 1820 and 1818 respectively.  I have also seen that Andrew and Elizabeth were married in Morgan County, Ohio in 1840 where Eli was born. Any help is appreciated.

01 March 2010 - Nancy Wider

Surname:   UMSTED

My great grand parents lived in Jasper County, Illinois.  Their names are Philip and Margaret UMSTED.  I know where Margaret is buried, but not Philip.
if anyone knows as to where Philip buried is please contact me.

24 January 2010 - Donna Seliger


I am seeking information about Henry SMITH and Eliza BREDWELL who were married in Jasper County, Illinois on September 9, 1869.  Their marriage license number was B/185.

22 January 2010 - Marcella Kincaid Campbell


I am seeking information on the Robert B. ALCOKE whose death occured on October 22, 1924 in the Newton or Bogota area.  The information that I have is that he was murdered by his brother-in-law, (first name unknown) WORTHEY.  Robert ALCOKE was married to Cora WORTHEY, a sister to Mr. WORTHEY.  I would like to have a copy of any newspaper items about this event.  Cora WORTHEY was my first cousin.

31 December 2009 - Brian J. Regan

Surname:   KEEVER

I am searching for my great-great grandfather's history.  His name was Elias KEEVER.  I know he was from Ohio, and also he was born around the year 1827.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Civil War from Jasper County, Illinois

20 November 2009 - Angelia Crawford


My great-grandfather, Lewis M. WILLIAMS, married my great-grandmother, Alma Belle LONG on April 2, 1899 in Jasper County, Illinois.  The 1900 Federal Census places them in Crooked Creek Township.  I am looking for information on their parents.  Perhaps an Oscar (or Osker) WILLIAMS and his wife Rachael (perhaps DULGAR) of Crooked Creek Township are Lewis' parents as the 1880 Federal Census shows a 3 year old Louis as their son (My grandfather was born Nov. 22, 1877).  I also found an Oscar F. WILLIAMS married a Rachael DULGER on March 24, 1872 in Jasper County.

Rachael may be the daughter of Henry DULGAR and his first wife Margaret as a Rachel is listed as a daughter on the 1870 Federal Census. If you have any information on Rachel DULGAR and Oscar WILLIAMS, such as marriage certificates, death certificates, obituaries or any birth announcements for a Lewis WILLIAMS born Nov. 22, 1877, I would be extremely grateful. Lewis and Alma Belle moved several times in Illinois before homesteading in Grant County, Oklahoma around 1911 and both are buried in Wakita, Grant County, Oklahoma.

As for Alma Belle LONG, the only thing I have is a Robert LONG and Nellie SPERRY.  They lived in Greenup in 1880 and Crooked Creek, Jasper County in 1900.  However, Alma Belle was born in 1882 and married in 1899, so since all 1890 Federal census records no longer exist, I cannot verify. Any type of birth record for Alma Belle would be great.  Thank you!

20 November 2009 - Jeffrey Broderick


I am looking for information on my great grandparents Alvah P. BRODERICK Broderick (sometimes spelled Alva) and his wife Sophia HENRY BRODERICK.  They lived in the east part of Crooked Creek Township in Jasper County.  Alvah purchased 40 acres in 1850 and raised his family there until his death in 1904.  He and his wife are buried in Brockville Cemetery, Yale.

I am looking for any information that will enable me to trace who their parents may be and if there were any brothers or sisters, basically their ancestors.
Also, their children were Elvira H., Julian W., Albert S., Aaron H., Mordcai F., Arlandice C., Ashauses E., Hannah E., Inga E., and Ira L. (who is my grandfather).

18 November 2009 - Tom Sando

Surname:   HARPER

I am looking for information on Telitha and Jacob HARPER who lived in the Crooked Creek area in Jasper County around 1880.  Telitha is my second great-grandmother.

28 September 2009 - Frances Armstrong Heien


I am looking for information about the ARMSTRONG and FRAULI families.  All were born and raised in St. Marie, Jasper County, Illinois between 1850 through 1925. Have never seen either name in St. Marie records except for in St. Mary's Church records.

11 September 2009 - Harry Tenteney

Surname:   ALLEN

I am looking for the names of my great grandparents.  Their son James ALLEN and his spouse Minnie raised three of their 6 children Raymond, Edith and Chrlie in Newton. I can only guess that they may have been married there since they lived in the area for some time.  Hearsay is that James' father was buried in the area but there is no assurance that his name was ALLEN which may be part of my problem in finding that step backward.

02 September 2009 - Linda Bierman

Surname:   WOLBERT

My aunt Margaret WOLBERT is buried in Vanderhoof Cemetery in Newton, Illinois.  She died in March 1984. I am having a lot of difficulty finding where her plot is. There is no stone or marker. Over the last 4 years I have been in contact with the funeral home which was Buchanon and the guys who take care of the cemetery.  I have been unable to find her place of burial.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

02 September 2009 - Nancy Kay Boyd

Surname:   KIBLER, SWICK

I am looking for a picture of Leroy Eddie KIBLER (1867-1925) from Jasper County.  He was the father of my grandmother Bessie Elvira Kibler SWICK.  You can now find a picture of Bessie on Find a Grave. Thank you for any assistance you are able to give me.

05 July 2009 - Nonnie (Skelton) Loveless


I am looking for information about John WOODEN of Jasper County, Illinois.  He was the father of Mary WOODEN. who married Glenn SKELTON in 1880.  His father was Strawther Seymore SKELTON.

23 June 2009 - Rodey Grimes

Surname:   ENLOW, GRIMES

I am looking for any information about the birth of James GRIMES on December 27, 1891 near Newton.  The father's name could be Elijah, Abijah, or Bigah.  Supposed to be married to a Mary ENLOW. 

Also, is there a record of those people who lived at the Jasper Poor Farm located just east of Falmouth? They may have resided there during the 1890's .

09 May 2009 - Piper Donovan

Surname:   BAKER

I have found Winnie BAKER, age 26 in the 1910 census in Jasper County with son Clarence, age 5 (our uncle) and daughter Clara, age 6.  I don't know where Clarence was born on May 20, 1905 or who his father was.  Does anyone have information that could help me?

08 April 2009 - Judy Byars


Can anyone tell me when WILLOW HILL TOWNSHIP was formed?

29 March 2009 - Ginger Wright

Surname:   WOODEN

I am looking for any information on John E. and Maxine WOODEN  (Sorry; do not know what Maxine's maiden name was).  Both were from Newton, Illinois, and went to High > School in Newton.  They moved to Farmer City so John could manage the Kroger Grocery store in the early 1950's.  They may be deceased.  If still living they would be 80 to late 80's.  Any information would be appreciated.

19 March 2009 - Hugh James


I am looking to find possible brothers and/or sisters of Flora HAMILTON of Newton and Bogota.  I do not have her maiden name.  She was the wife of Dr. John HAMILTON, who was the son of Archie and Matilda BROWN HAMILTON.  She died in approximately 1935.  John HAMILTON was the brother of Dessie (Henry) JAMES, also of Newton.

15 March 2009 - Teresa Jones Magallanes


I am looking
for the names of my grandmother's parents. My grandmother was born Naomi Ellen COTTINGHAM on January 6, 1916 in Bogota, Illinois.  I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling of her surname. Her mother's first name was Arlie, or Arliene COTTINGHAM.

08 March 2009 - Linda Gerus


I am looking
for a picture of Phoebe Ann LARKINS. She was born in Cumberland County, Illinois in 1853 and died in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois. She was married to William R. MARTIN, July 23, 1881 in Wheeler Station, Jasper County, Illinois. Families in the area who might have a picture are JOURDAN, FAIRCLOTH, MARTIN, MCMANAWAY, WORTHEY, and LANCASTER.

04 March 2009 - Brenda Bishop


I am looking for the death date of my great-grandmother Annie Grace GUSTIN MILLER. I know she died in 1942, in Jasper County, Illinois, and is buried in Bethel Cemetery with her husband, William Lewis MILLER, but don't have the exact date. I am also looking for her obituary.

28 February 2009 - Mary Lou Null


I'm looking for the death date for Mary Fillinger between March 10, 1868 & July 19, 1869.  She was born about 1829-1830 in Ohio. Her children Hiram, John, & Robert NULL are living with John in the 1870 census, but she is gone.  They lived near North Muddy Creek.  Her husband's name was John FILLINGER.  I would like his death date also (about 1891).

23 February 2009 - Elizabeth Martin


I am searching for death information on my great-great-grandfather, Asael MARTIN, and his wife, Jane (Julia) JOHNSON-MARTIN. They lived in Smallwood Township, Jasper County, in 1870. This was the last record of either Asael and Jane. Some of their children were found on the 1880 Federal Census living with Curtis H. MARTIN, named as nephews. I have been unable to locate their youngest son, Asa MARTIN, in 1880 or his sister Emma MARTIN. The family previously lived in Lawrence County (according to the 1870 census).

19 February 2009 - John E. Nichols

Surname:   TREXLER

I am looking for more information on Genelle TREXLER. She married my grandfather in St. Louis, Missouri in 1925 and raised my father and uncle. She is buried in Kedron/Trexler Cemetery. Her date of birth, her parents' names and her date of death would be heplful.

05 December 2008 - Jim Meng


My mother's maiden name was JESSE FRANCES SHAMHART born July 2, 2003.  My father's name is Edward John MENG.April 6, 1843 and died January 2, 1933).

My grandmother's name was OLIVE FOSTER, born November 25, 1876 and died October 27, 1962.  She married William SHAMHART  on April 12, 1899. 
Olive always said she was related to STEPHEN FOSTER, the song writer. I'm hoping to verify this fact as there was some type of connection in Kentucky.

My Grandfather's name was Wilmer SHAMHART.  Wilmer had a brother John SHAMHART with a wife whose name was possibly Mary. His other brother was named Dee SHAMHART whose wife was named Cecil. They had a son named Robert (Bobby). .

I also had a great-grandmother named Henrietta CRAIL (born April 6, 1843 and died January 2, 1933) who married Willian FOSTER (born August 25, 1838 and died February 10, 1884.) on August 25, 1864. We visited Crail, Scotland and tried to do some research but they all left Crail a long time ago and had zero info. I left the information that I had on the CRAILs for their reference including a letter dated 1932 from a Congressman CRAIL from Los Angeles, California who referenced a connection to the town of Crail, Scotland, the CRAIL Castle and the CAMPBELL clan. (Crail is ten miles south of  St. Andrews and has the 7th oldest golf course in the world while St Andrews has the oldest).

Another relative of mine was named TREXLER. We used a book on the TREXLERs called "The Trexler Family and Related Kin by John Trexler Warrn to trace a connection back to qualify for membership (for my two children) in the Children of the American Revolution Society.   The Trexlers came from Pennsylvania to Newton, Jasper County, Illinois.  I think there is a grade school named TREXLER.  I have a picture of my mothter and her sisters in front of the school.

I would like to share history or research on the SHAMHART, FOSTER, CRAIL OR TREXLER families of Jasper County. They are all my relatives.

02 December 2008 - Vivian Heidbreder

Surname:   HAWKINS

I'm seeking information regarding a R. S. HAWKINS listed in the Smallwood Township of Jasper County, Illinois in the 1865 Illinois census.

I'm also looking for information on S. HAWKINS shown in the 1865 Illinois census in Grove Township, Jasper County, Illinois

01 November 2008 - Nonnie (Skelton) Loveless


I am looking for information about the SKELTON families.  My great-grandfather, Strother SKELTON, married Catherine WISE.  They had five children, Squire, Jeremiah, Joseph, Glen and May. 

Glen was my great-grandfather, who married Mary Ann Wooden, daughter of John K. WOODEN.  She passed away in January 1897.  They had eight children, but at the time of her death there were only three sons and one daughter living (Strawther, Oddel, Alford, and May).

Strawther is my grandfather, who married Gertrude SWISHER.  They had six sons and three daughters (Glen, Albert, Ora, Jock, Strewther, Seamore, Richard, Oca, May, Emeay).

Glen is my father, who married Minnee SIMPSON of Kentucky.

01 November 2008 - Anna Brown Hunt

Surname:   BROWN

I am looking for descendants of Samuel Bartholomew BROWN.  He is my 2nd great-granduncle.  He was born March 1, 1828 in Allen County, Kentucky and died in Jasper County on July 25, 1917.  He is listed in the 1880 Federal Census Record in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois with wife Sarah. Children listed are Lina, S. Clarence, Allsey Oscar, Mittie V., and Bessie T.

30 September 2008 - Ann Garner

Surname:   GROVE

I am looking for information about Christopher GROVE in Jasper County and any information on his parents.  He was born in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1800. His father may have lived in/or born in Pennsylvania. He had a brother, Martin, who lived in Clark County.  He may have had other siblings. He was my great great great uncle.  I have been trying to find his relationship to Michael GROVE who also lived

in Jasper county. Did he have a relationship to Jacob, Henry and John GROVEwho lived in Darwin, Clark County, Illinois in about 1830?

My goal has been to connect all these relationships together by finding their parents. Thank you !!

23 September 2008 - Colleen Goodart

Surname:   BROOKS, BYRD

I am looking for information on William Oscar BYRD, whose  parents were John BYRD and Phoebe BROOKS.  Phoebe was from Jasper County.  William was married at least twice, once to Anna
(don't know her maiden name) and previously to an unknown lady who was his daughter Fern's mother.  I know that he had lived at Rose Hill. Would love any information on him, or any of them.

22 September 2008 - Jay Smith


I am working on our tree and trying to find out some of the little things, now. There were 3 BERRY sisters who married 3 CHAPMAN brothers: Julia Ann, Susan and Margaret to Enoch, John and James. I am ggg-grandson to the girls's brother, Andrew Jackson BERRY. Have quite a bit of information and am willing to share.

15 September 2008 - Barbara O'Bleness


I am trying to find the parents of Cyrus L. WHITAKER who ws born in 1840 in Ohio. He married Sarah (last name unknown) about 1860-64 and lived in Johnson Township, Clark County, Illinois iin 1870.  In 1880 they resided in Willow Hill Township, Jasper County, Illinois.  Cyrus WHITAKER died in Jasper County in 1889.  His son, Samuel N. WHITAKER who was born in 1884, is my paternal grandfather.  He died in 1918 in Moline, Illinois during the big flu epidemic.  I've been able to trace Sarah and the siblings of my grandfather, but have not found her maiden name as yet.  One clue would be to trace a niece who lived with the family in 1900, Alice S. HARRIS, who was born in possibly Johnson County, Missouri, the same as Sarah, who could possibly be the daughter of Sarah's sister.

29 August 2008 - Brenda Lanman


I am looking for ancestoral information on John Adam GIRHARD (1838-1905) and Nancy Jane FOLTZ (born ~1852).  My husband, William "Bill" LANMAN is a great-grandson (parents - Marie L. GIRHARD and Kenneth M. LANMAN, grandparents - John A. Girhard Jr. and Aureia D. SCHACKMANN).

Please contact me with information or leads.  Am happy to share information.

01 March 2008 - Nancy Hugo


Lorenzo Dow WADE lived in Jasper County, Illinois from before his first marriage (1835) to Araminta RICHARDS (1817-1839,  before the 1850 census.  After he was widowed he married Catharine Ann VANDIKE in Jasper County on 1 September 1839.   I'm
looking for any information about her and their daughters Lillie A. and Henrietta.  After Catharine died he married his third wife, Mary RICHARDS (Araminta's sister) and moved to Iowa just before the 1850 census.

I have lists of children from each marriage.  I know that two of Lorenzo's siblings are Hiram WADE and Nancy WADE SKIDMORE.  He should have other siblings.  I am looking for his parents and siblings.  I am also looking for his inlaws.  I believe that the Eliza VANDIKE who married Newton C. RICHARDS could have been his sister in law.  I would appreciate sharing "pieces of the Puzzle" with anyone. 

03 February 2008 - Anna Brown Hunt

Surname:   BROWN

I am looking for descendants of Samuel Bartholomew BROWN.  He is my 2nd great-granduncle.  He was born March 1, 1828 in Allen County, Kentucky and died in Jasper County on July 25, 1917.  He is listed in the 1880 Federal Census Record in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois with wife Sarah.  Children listed are Lina, S. Clarence, Allsey Oscar, Mittie V., and Bessie T.

01 February 2008 - Ruth Ann Decker Scott

Surname:   BROWN, HILL, KIRK

I am searching for information on Juliah Joan BROWN, born December. 24, 1859, in Newton, Jasper County, IL.  She died in 1898 in Newton and is buried in Kibler Cemetery, in Newton.  She married Millard Filmore KIRK on September. 21 1882, in Jasper County. Juliah was the daughter of Ballard BROWN and Mary Ann HILL.  Juliah is my great grandmother on my father's side. We have not been able to find any information beyond Juliah Joan BROWN. My grandmother,  Blanche KIRK DECKER, said she was raised by her grandmother (the mother of Ballard BROWN or the mother of Mary Ann HILL).  Blanche said this grandmother was Cherokee Indian.

25 January 2008 - Lisa Roberts Cooper


Looking for information on my third great grandparents that lived in Jasper County in Crooked Creek in the 1870's. Her name is Elizabeth WHITSEL LEMAY  born about 1806-1810 and who died in 1878.

17 January 2008 - Bonnie Bergeron

Surname:   KELLER, ROHR

Searching for verification and additional information on the parents of Ignatius ROHR, born in 1861 in Ohio (probably near Cincinnatti) and died in 1941 in Ste. Marie, Jasper County, IL  He married Catherine KELLER.

Completing a suprise genealogy for my brother-in-law Kenneth Richard ROHR (James, Ignatius). Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Especially when the original ROHRS immigrated to US, on what ship and to what port. Also, any information on Nicholas KELLER and ancestors, father of Catherine KELLER. Pictures added to the genealogy would be wonderful!

12 January 2008 - Lenette Johnston


I am looking for information about Margaret (BLAIR) WEAVER JOHNSON ALVIS. She lived in Smallwood Township, Jasper County around 1850 with her parents Thomas S. BLAIR and Nancy McCLAY. She married James WEAVER April 20, 1857 in Jasper County. She married Hull JOHNSON March 5, 1874' she then married Jesse JOHNSON February 1, 1881, all in Jasper County. She had one son James R. WEAVER.  I don't know when or where she died. I don't know how or when her husbands died either. I believe her family was Mennonite. Can anyone help? Do you have them in your family lines?

08 October 2007 - Debra Wilson


Does anyone have an obituary for Loranda SWIFT COLLINS? She was born in New York in 1832 and married John COLLINS on 2/27/1849 in Boone County, Kentucky. Loranda and John moved to Jasper County, Illinois sometime between 1870 and 1880 from Crawford County, Illinois. She died in Jasper County 4/25/1915. I'm trying to find information on her parents and where in New York she was born. Thank you for your help.

01 October 2007 - Linda Gerus


Searching for a picture of Phoebe Ann LARKIN, married in 1881 in Wheeler Station, Jasper County, Illinois. She married William R. MARTIN. They are both buried in Newton, Jasper County, Illinois in Vanderhoof Cemetery. There must be some ancestors out there that have a picture of her. I have pictures of William MARTIN who survived the  Civil War.

09 September 2007 - Paige Fenton Hughes


Seeking information regarding the family of Emeline (CHENEY/CHENY/CHENNY) and Daniel COX who lived in Jasper County, Illinois in the 1880's, and perhaps before that.  Looking specifically for confirmation of dates of birth or death, cemetary information, obituaries, or information about marriages of children.  Particularly interested in information regarding Martha Louisa COX LUNSFORD.

Daniel COX--born Nov. 11, 1836, died Feb. 2, 1910
Emeline (CHENEY) COX--born May 17, 1837, died July 1, 1909
Daniel and Emeline had 14 children--Casander, Sarah (COADY), George, Martha (LUNSFORD), Mary (TAYLOR) , Rebeccah, Rose Ellen (HOLT), John, William, Katy (BORDEN), James, Infant, Adelaide and Bertha.

08 September 2007 - Keith O. McCoy

Surname:   HARMON, MCCOY

I'm looking for James W. MCCOY's wife Amelia HARMON.  When did she die and where is she buried? 

Does anyone have photos of William and Perlina MCCOY's family they would like to share?

05 September 2007 - Ruth Ann Boyles


John Wesley WINTERS married Mary Jane WILSON on 2 June 1887 in Jasper County, Illinois.  This was his second marriage.  Who was his first wife?  They had two daughters, Lilly WINTERS born in Illinois in March 1880, and Ollie May WINTERS born in January 1882 in Illinois.  Since he got married in Jasper County, I thought he might have lived there with his first wife.  Thank you. 

17 August 2007 - Lenette Johnston


I'm looking for the ALVIS that married Margaret (BLAIR) WEAVER sometime after 1870 in Jasper County, Illinois. She was the daughter of Thomas BLAIR that lived around Smallwood Township. She was a widow of James WEAVER and she also had a son named James R. WEAVER.

14 August 2007 - Carrie Stanley Ruholl

Surname:   STANLEY

Jesse Phillip and Mariah Jane STANLEY lived in Jasper County, Illinois in the late 1800s - early 1900s.  I am looking for any information about their children and their descendants (George, Elizabeth, Susan Frances, Albert, Charles, Jesse Pearl, Laura and Martin). I have alot of information and pictures, but am still looking!

21 July 2007 - Dick Aten


I'm searching for information about Phoebe and Nicholas GIBSON who were among my wife, Janet's, forebearers. A tattered old typed paper Jan's mother had seems to indicate that Phoebe's parents were Reverend Jacob GIBSON, English Methodist Exhorter and Phoebe LOWE, born in old Virginia. Phoebe married Jacob Lawrence FRIEND (born in Pendelton County, in old Virginia). They parented George Washington FRIEND (born 23 Oct. 1884, Bible Grove, Illinois; a-pencil note adds that he died in 1938, Macoupin County, Illinois. The paper shows that Nicholas was stolen by Indians at age 6 and traded back 16 years later for a barrel of whisky.  He later wrote "The Border of Warfare" which neither local libraries or Newberry library or their networks can locate.  Jan's mother (SPENCER/FRIEND) told that family tradition held that Phoebe was also kidnapped by Choctaw or Cherokee Indians.  Some of the family have been reported as living in Jasper County at one time.

21 July 2007 - Joan Elizabeth Clark


I'm looking for information on our grandmother who was born in Rose Hill, probably around 1896-1899.  She was part native American and we are interested in finding out what tribe.  Her name was Ola ALLEN, she had a twin sister named Nola, and an oder sister named Clara.  We believe her mother's name to be Emma MCHAFFEE, but we are not certain of this last name.  We know she married Wesley CLARK and moved to Mattoon proably sometime around 1915.  This is all the information we have.

19 July 2007 - Patrick J. MacDonald

Surname:   LUTZ

Need birth information for Anna May {Mae } LUTZ and Oliver W. LUTZ , both born in Jasper County in the 1870's .

11 July 2007 - Jacob Lancaster

Surname:   ECKL, HAHN

Need data on the marriage of Anton ECKL and Mary Elizabeth HAHN about 1914 in Jasper County, Illinois.  They resided in Jasper County all their lives and are buried in Jasper County in Mt. Calvary cemetery.  Thank you.

11 July 2007 - Carol Kohlbrecher

Surname:   WARD

William H. WARD was buried in Hidalgo, Jasper County, Illinois in 1917. I am looking for any information on him, his wife/wives or other family members.

23 June 2007 - Eki Rymere


I am looking for information on the parents of Edward K. MOREY, born on 31 August 1866, died before 1910 in Jasper County, and the parents of his wife, Zenia (Xenia/Zena) A. WILLKISON (WILKERSON), born on 7 November 1866, and died on 30 October 1940 in Jasper County. Xenia's father may be Andrew WILLKISON, the Civil War Soldier from Crawford County., but I can't substantiate that. Edward MOREY's parents are Charles F.M. MOREY, born in 1842 in Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana and died after 1880,  probably in Jasper County,  and Rachel (surname unknown), born in 1842 in Kentucky or Indiana and died after 1880, probably in Jasper County.  Charles F.M. and Rachel MOREY had 5 children besides Edward, all born in Jasper County.

The other 5 children are Francis A. MOREY-WATT born in 1863; Ida May MOREY- MCCAIN born in 1868; Margaret C. MOREY-MONRONEY born in April 1870; Junias Ellwood MOREY, born in April 1872; and Robert Bruce MOREY, born on 13 April 1874. Charles F.M and Rachel MOREY were in Granville by 1870, according to the census.

I would love to find information regarding Charles F.M. and Rachel MOREY'S marriage and Rachel's surname, as well as their exact death dates and burial locations.

I would also love to find out the names, birthdates, and death dates for Zenia WILLKISON's (Wife of Edward K. MOREY, daughter-in-law of Charles F.M. and Rachel MOREY) parents.

18 June 2007 - Patty Priddy Cundiff

Surname:   PRIDDY

Looking for the burial site of William Bibb PRIDDY. His second wife, Sarah Alice, is buried in Headyville Cemetery in Jasper County. Does anyone know where William is buried?

04 May 2007 - Christine Clark Haren

Surname:   CLARK

I'm interested in locating information about Oscar Edgar CLARK and Noah Strait CLARK.  Oscar's daughter Mabel Claudine was born in or near Bogoto.  I believe that Oscar's birthdate was September 14, 1874 and that he died in March, 1933 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Jasper County.  I also believe that Oscar's other children were born somewhere in the area.  They include: Noah Fay, Delbert, John Dale, Alene and Harold.

30 March 2007 - Ken Jones

Surname:   JONES, SHORT

Jeremiah JONES of Franklin County, Indiana bought 75 acres in Granville Township, Jasper County, Illinois from William L and Meriem E SHORT in 1870.  I believe this is Willow Hill now.   In 1874 Jeremiah sold the same land to his son George W. JONES  and Angeline S. JONES,  who lived in the area until 1920 when George died.  Angeline S. JONES is buried in the Robinson "OLD" Cemetery, and George is probably there as well. No engravement was done to the stone.  Any additional information is welcome. 

28 March 2007 - Heather McFarland

Surname:   MCFARLAND

I am in the process of researching my family history.  Last name MCFARLAND.  When I was searching on ancestry.com they had a 1920 census with my great grandfather Frank McFarland and his wife Cora and a couple of their children, Odessa, Vernon, Donald and Frank Jr., as residing in Newton, Illinois.  I have been trying to find out any information I can about Frank's parents or lineage.  If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. 

18 February 2007 - Carla Strong

Surname:   RUDE

I am looking for information about David RUDE, born in Jasper County on December 3, 1853 and who died in Jasper County June 30, 1923.  I am especially interested in any marriages he may have had.

15 February 2007 - MyLynda Webb

Surname:   WATTS, WEBB

I am researching my grandfather's side of the family. His name is James Franklin WEBB (born 1917 in Montrose, died 2002).  I know his parents were Oscar Emery WEBB born 1895 in Newton died 1954) and Stell Grace WATTS. I would like to find a birth/death certificate for either of the
WEBBs. If anyone can be of assistance it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

February 12, 2007 - Jackie Harris Doorn


I'm looking for help in filling in wide gaps in my family tree history from Jasper County. Information on Lydia MENDENHALL and her family.
My grandmother was Mabel Jane RAGON  who was born Jan 24 1907 In Hunt City, IL. Her father is Simon Lagrant RAGON born 1866 in Indiana and died in Hunt City, Jasper, IL, June 12, 1928.    Simon married as his second wife Lydia MENDENHALL born Aug 26, 1887 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.   I have a death date for her of May 8, 1951.   I show her father as John ELEDER ?.   Lydia's other children are Donald RAGON, Lewis and Dorothy.   I also have Lydia with a second marriage to Donald FREEMAN.  Simon's first wife was Amanda Catherine KNIGHT.

Thanks for any help. 

February 10, 2007 - Leona C. Martin

Surname:  COX

My grandmother,  Hattie Lucina COX,  according to information I can put together, was born in Jasper County Illinois on March 24, 1875.  Her father James M. COX  who was born in either Indiana or Illinois. Hattie's mother is unknown. I can't find them in 1880 Jasper County, Illinois census. They moved to Missouri (when or where, I have no clue).

She married John Q HUBBARD 1890 in Pettis County, Missouri.  She died August 6 1944 in Huntington Park, Los Angeles County, California

I'd appreciate any help.

February 10, 2007 - Bonnie Bergeron

Surname:  ROHR

I'm searching for the grave of Mary ROHR, born about 1831, the wife of Ignatz  ROHR.  Ignatz was not with her or children in 1870.  Believe he died between 1867-1870 in Illinois or Indiana.  Mary is listed in the 1870 census as living in Ste. Marie, Jasper County, Illinois. She is not in the 1880 census and the older male children are living with other families.

Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.

February 3, 2007 - Michael L. Hébert

Surname:  LEWIS

Seeking correspondence with descendants of Howell LEWIS, born ca 1800 in NC and died 23 Jan 1873 in Jasper County.  He married Rebecca FOSTER in 1827 in Carter Co, TN and they later moved to Jefferson Co, IN in the 1830s.  They had the following children: Aaron, Sarah A., Lydia, Moses, Emeline, Elisha, Elija, Eliza, and Elizabeth.  I would like to locate direct male-line descendants of Howell for possible DNA testing to help determine the parents of Howell.


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